Learn from Self-Directed IRA Experts

Our Education specialists will lead you through interactive self-directed IRA educational sessions revealing concepts and techniques geared toward your experience level


Listen to Client Education Panels

Learn from the most successful investors in your market as they share their investment strategies


Networking with like minded investors

Our Wealth Building Workshops will provide you with both formal and informal networking opportunities designed to help you to build Your NETWORK.



  • Equity Trust, is hosting a series of Wealth Building Workshops. At these premier educational events attendees will:

    • Participate in one full day of content-rich education geared toward both NOVICE and EXPERIENCED investors
    • Interact with like-minded investors through formal and informal networking sessions
    • Gain insightful knowledge from leading educators in the real estate industry
    • Learn from other investors in your market as they share how they are using their IRA to rehab homes, invest in rental properties, wholesale properties, purchase real estate secured notes, invest in tax-liens and much more


    Upon attending you will receive

    Wealth Building Workshop Take Home IRA Success Kit


    If you are a NOVICE investor this workshop will teach you

    • Traditional vs. Roth IRAs
    • Financing Options | Alternative Investment Techniques
    • IRA Rules & Regulations


    If you are an EXPERIENCED investor this workshop will teach you

    • The 7 powerful tax-advantaged IRAs
    • Financing Options | 3 Advanced Methods
    • Multiple IRA Investing